Indian Summer Wine

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in Central New York. The sun was high in the blue sky and the trees that have changed color this autumn glowed brightly against the blue hue of the sky. The thermometer topped 80 degrees, at least at our house, and the crisp clean air was delightful. We hadContinue reading “Indian Summer Wine”


Every Monday morning I notice that the gym is just a little bit busier than it is the other days of the week. I currently am on round two of a terrific workout I found earlier this year from Simply Shredded, so I work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with weekend thrown in whenContinue reading “#MondayMotivation”

A Conference for Me?

So, I just recently began writing about wine in the context of my own life and experiences. I’m so new that I didn’t even realize there is actually a conference just for wine bloggers! And it looks pretty friendly to citizen bloggers like me! I stumbled on it when I noticed a hashtag #WBC16 comingContinue reading “A Conference for Me?”