Finger Lakes Wine Month – Try Something New!

The Finger Lakes wine region is relatively young, as far as wine regions go. European vineyards are hundreds of years old, and in California, some wineries are about 100 years older.

Wine through the Years

An anniversary is a chance to recall past memories and make new ones. My husband and I recently celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary Feb. 2. According to Hallmark, the fourth year is when you’re supposed to give fruit/flowers (traditional) or appliances (modern). Now, since our very first anniversary, we’ve been following these guidelines for eachContinue reading “Wine through the Years”

Personalized Wine – An Art or a Science?

Ask any master sommelier and he or she will tell you. You have to taste a lot of wine to fully appreciate and understand it. Tasting a variety of wines is also helpful to distinguish your own personal palette, as well. Are you a red or white drinker? Dry or sweet? Full-bodied or light? EveryoneContinue reading “Personalized Wine – An Art or a Science?”

Wine’s Ever-Changing World View

As I sat beneath the dryer at the hair salon this morning, waiting for my color to set, I read through my Twitter feed. Many of my followers are wine people, and someone had shared an interesting Wine Spectator article about memorable moments of world-renowned sommeliers. Richard Matuszczak, wine director at La Toque in Napa,Continue reading “Wine’s Ever-Changing World View”

October is the Month of Merlot – My First Five

For those of you who are not aware it’s #MerlotMe month this October. Wine lovers around the world are celebrating this grape varietal with special releases, tastings and more. I have challenged followers to enjoy a different Merlot every day of October. So far, I’ve tried five and honestly tonight I might take a breakContinue reading “October is the Month of Merlot – My First Five”

Finding Quality, Affordable Wine in Your Own Backyard

Since my husband and I began drinking and enjoying wine on a somewhat regular basis we’ve discovered that you quickly tap out your local liquor store in a hurry. Most neighborhood stores carry the general, “bar” wines and big name labels you can get anyplace and it’s hard to find unique wines that you haven’tContinue reading “Finding Quality, Affordable Wine in Your Own Backyard”