Valentine’s Day – Just Another Day?

Every year, Valentine’s Day comes and goes without much fanfare in our house. The biggest drama is choosing valentines for the classroom party and filling them all out accordingly. Plus, inevitably the kids are required to bring something for their classroom parties. I usually try to at least get cards for my husband and childrenContinue reading “Valentine’s Day – Just Another Day?”

Wine for a Pianists’ Debut

It’s the Christmas holiday season and that means time for band concerts, recitals and holiday performances. Between the girls and my husband nearly every day someone is singing or playing someplace! Over the weekend, the girls had their winter piano recital at the Everson Museum Festival of Trees. It was Maria’s third recital since sheContinue reading “Wine for a Pianists’ Debut”

Wine for the First Snow Day of the Season

It’s Nov. 21. Mark this day as the first snow day of the 2016-17 winter season. We all didn’t think the forecasts could be true. In fact, the Weather Channel posted a snowfall map last Wednesday with 12 to 18 inches over Syracuse. Given how early it was and how often the weather folks areContinue reading “Wine for the First Snow Day of the Season”

Closing Out Father’s Day Weekend with a Shiraz from Canada

Another Father’s Day weekend is in the books. After spending Saturday strawberry picking and making jam, we relaxed on Sunday at my parents’ house in the pool and on the deck. My father has always been the one to push me the hardest and expects the most from me. I often resent it but thenContinue reading “Closing Out Father’s Day Weekend with a Shiraz from Canada”