Wine for Daylight Saving Time

It happens twice a year – we change the clocks either forward or backward as part of daylight saving time. Neither is optimal in my opinion. No matter what, everyone is always off for at least a week and it’s rough going. I am a proponent of just changing them by 30 minutes and leaving it. No more changing it twice a year. Just deal with the daylight as it comes. But, that’s just me.

A Wine for Daylight Saving Time

This weekend, it arrived – the dreaded daylight saving time. It’s tough on anyone who keeps a strict schedule of sleep, work and play but it’s a lot more challenging for parents! This year, we went out on Saturday night, arriving home around 10:15 p.m. just in time to enjoy our “wine time” before turningContinue reading “A Wine for Daylight Saving Time”