Back to School Transitions

It’s the second week of September and the transition from late summer to early fall is setting in. We’re all back to school – me teaching two classes, my husband in a full-time graduate program, the girls back to first and fifth grades and Christopher in daycare for the first time. Last week was aContinue reading “Back to School Transitions”

Sour Grapes (or Lemons)

I haven’t posted since early last week because I’ve been a tiny bit stressed out. In addition to school starting again (for me, not the kids yet!), I’ve been dealing with a new car issue. It’s the worst. I purchased a 2016 Kia Sorento from Fucillo Kia of Clay in May and Aug. 15 it startedContinue reading “Sour Grapes (or Lemons)”

First Day of First Grade

The last 24 hours have been about waiting. Me waiting for my kids to return from their dad’s after 10 long days…Maria waiting for the night to be over and the first day of school to begin… and both of us waiting for the bus. It was Maria’s first time on the school bus evenContinue reading “First Day of First Grade”