Halloween 2016 – Scary Weekend

As I sit and write this post, the Friday night pre-Halloween festivities are over. Everyone is quietly watching “Inside Out” under blankets on the couch. While Christopher is not home yet from his own sleepover, this 10-year-old girl sleepover is in the books. The kitchen is cleaned up from snacks and breakfast and the girls’Continue reading “Halloween 2016 – Scary Weekend”

Grapeless Wines

This afternoon we took our annual journey to Behlings Apple Orchard to pick apples. It’s a fall tradition only this year, it was about 82 degrees and sunny! This year’s apple crop wasn’t as good as previous years, probably because of the lack of rain in Central New York this past summer. Still, we managedContinue reading “Grapeless Wines”

An Upstate New York Tradition

Ask anyone who lives in the greater Syracuse area what they do during the last week of summer leading up to Labor Day and their answers may be the same – why, visit the New York State Fair, of course! That’s what we did the other night and we hit all the usual spots, includingContinue reading “An Upstate New York Tradition”