My Gift to You

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and in honor of the holiday, I’m presenting a gift to all my followers and readers. I know it’s hard to commit to a healthy lifestyle. There are so many obstacles. But it is possible to squeeze in working out and eating well. I’m living proof, but it didn’t happen overnight for me. It has taken me a few years of slow, deliberate habit changes to get to where I am today.

In my opinion, this is the major problem with our social media culture. People see influencers and fitness professionals who look fabulous and they make it look so easy. Or you see before and after photos of people and think you could never do that. Well, who knows what they went through or how long it took? Realistically, making small, incremental changes over time is the best way to look and feel your best.

You do that by focusing on your habits and making adjustments that you can sustain over time and build on. For example, if you want to walk every day, start by walking 10 minutes a day every morning when you wake up or every evening after dinner. Work up to longer walks as you get used to the new schedule. Or, if you are looking to change your body composition, whether it be to lose weight or gain muscle, or just to feel better, make one change per week and build on that over time. This is how I coach–slow and steady. It always wins the race!

My Gifts

If 2023 is your year, I am here to help! If you’re not quite ready to commit to personal training or nutrition coaching, here’s a workout and my top 5 wellness/nutrition tips to get your started. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. If you’ve read this far, email me at for a free calorie assessment (offer expires December 31, 2022).

Workout (adapted from MindPump)

Day 1
Warmup: Do the following for one minute each; leg swings, arm circles, thread the needle

Dumbbell (DB) standing lunge (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB Alternating Chest Press (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB Alternating Row (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB Alternating Shoulder Press (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB Alternating Bicep Curls (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB Alternating Skull Crusher (3 x 8-12 reps)
Ab Crunch (3 x 8-12 reps)
Single-Leg Calf Raise (3 x 8-12 reps)

Day 2
Warmup: Warmup: Do the following for one minute each; leg swings, arm circles, thread the needle

Elevated Heel DB Squats (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB Romanian Deadlift (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB Incline Alternating Chest Press (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB Pullover (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB front raise (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB side lateral raise (3 x 8-12 reps)
DB rear delt raise (3 x 8-12 reps)
Plank (3 x 30-60 sec hold)

Wellness/Nutrition Tips

  1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
  2. Prioritize protein – eat it first and make sure all meals/snacks contain protein. Aim for .8 to 1 gram per pound of body weight or desired body weight, if you are trying to lose weight.
  3. Stay within 10 percent of the daily calories required for your body and goals.
  4. Get at least 8,000 steps daily.
  5. Drink at least half your body weight in water daily.

Merry Christmas!

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Kerri Howell is FitPRMom, a working mom in public relations by day, a mom and partner always. A certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she helps other busy women reach their health and fitness goals.

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