12-Week Muscle Building Program

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Looking for a new program that will help you build muscle and strength? I’m sharing my own personal program that I wrote specifically for my own goals. If you share my goals and you have access to a fair amount of gym equipment, this workout plan might be for you. This focuses on resistance training, beginning with reps in the hypertrophy range and ending with strength. There is also a small amount of cardio focused on building muscle in the lower body (cycling), as well as a mobility day that you construct yourself based on your own personal needs. This program is for an intermediate lifter who is self-aware of their own body and goals. It’s not for a beginner. If you have questions, hit me up in comments or email me at kerri@fitprmomlife.com. To receive the program, fill out the contact form below. Happy lifting!



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Kerri Howell is FitPRMom, a working mom in public relations by day, a mom and partner always. A certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she helps other busy women reach their health and fitness goals.

3 thoughts on “12-Week Muscle Building Program

  1. Thank you! A lot of my recent gains were due in part to a friend’s lower body program but upper body is all me! And this program shares a lot of the same lower body structure in the first four weeks. Anyway, need to give credit where credit is due for those glute gains! 🙂

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